Occupational Profiles

An occupational profile includes information such as job title, common work activities, pay scale, and required education for a particular job. In Canada occupational profiles can be easily found by searching the
National Occupation Classification (NOC) codes. You can also search different websites regarding your desired job by using these 4-digit NOC codes. The NOC codes will help you find more information and job ads quickly. Some sites have added the essential skills needed to be successful to occupational profiles. Take a look at your dream job to see what essential skills are required.

Here are some essential skills occupational profiles sites:


Other sites you can find out more career information using NOC codes:
What's Next

If you think you have found your dream job, but don't know if you have the skills required to be successful at it then Measure Up! Assess where your essential skills are at.

Knowing where you have strong skills may point you in a different career path. On the flip side, knowing where your essential skills are weak highlights where you need to do some more learning. Discover how you can build your Essential Skills learning plan.

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